The Water Resource Program coordinates the Chatham County Adopt-A-Stream program that enlists volunteer groups to monitor the health and clean up local waterways. Volunteer groups receive free training and equipment through the MPC Water Resources Program and the Savannah State University Adopt-A-Stream Regional Training Program.


The Southeast Regional Training Center at Savannah State University serves Chatham County, as well as 19 other counties in this region. Regional Training Centers conduct Adopt-A-Stream training workshops for all levels of activity and issue quality assurance certifications to volunteers.

Public and private schools in Savannah, Bloomingdale, Garden City, Pooler, Port Wentworth, Savannah, Thunderbolt, Tybee Island and Chatham County received information about this program. Information is also distributed during outreach events. During this report period there were five active Adopt-A-Stream groups in Savannah, Thunderbolt and Chatham County monitoring sites on the Savannah River/Tybee Beach, Placentia Canal, Lake Mayer, Hayner’s Creek, and Quacco Canal.

Chatham County also sponsors an Adopt-A-Highway program where volunteers are encouraged to adopt a segment of highway and keep it free of litter through regular cleanups. There is currently one active Adopt-A-Highway group in Chatham County. Contact the Chatham County Public Works for AdoptAHighway program (AAH) opportunities. “Highways have signs that people are attached to them — they’ve adopted the highway. Schools could do that.” — Rick Walter, comment during Vision 2010 forum sets agenda for building a better school system,

Scenic Byways, Touring Routes

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