The Coastal Georgia Adopt-A-Wetland Program encourages individuals, schools, and communities to adopt a salt marsh, tidal creek, beach, or swamp. This program is designed to increase public awareness of the State’s non-point source pollution and water quality, to provide citizens with the tools and training to evaluate and protect their local waterways, to encourage partnerships between citizens and their local government and to collect reliable baseline water quality data.

Groups are asked to monitor the health of their wetland, perform litter pickups and conduct a public outreach event to inform the public about issues that affect their local wetlands.

Monitoring Activities Include:
Visual Survey
– A visual and physical evaluation of wetland conditions
Why – Critical water pollution and habitat damage, such as sedimentation, erosion, and excessive nutrients, can be detected through a visual survey. When – Monitor quarterly or once every season.

Chemical Monitoring
– Basic tests for the Georgia coast are pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature and salinity Why – Oxygen is need for respiration. Temperature is directly related to biological activity. pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of the water. When – Once a month

Biological Monitoring
What – An inventory of macroinvertebrates and plants in the wetland Why – The overall health of the wetland can be determined by the composition of this inventory.
When – Monitor quarterly or once a season.

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